Screenchangers. Cleaning & Vacuum Ovens. Melt Pumps. Pelletizers. Filtration Screens

Process + Filtration Products, LLC  was founded to provide “process-
proven”  filtration technology  for industrial and commercial business.  

Our Polymer Filtration Products has been re-named as Polymer
Equipment Solutions. The new name reflects the total scope of products
In addition to processing  products, we also provide products that monitor
and send "Alerts" in "Real-Time" for hydraulic systems as well as gear

The products that we develop or represent have “solutions” that have
proven their value by:
  • Providing a strong cost/value relationship
  • Increasing Efficiency,
  • Reducing Down-time.   

Polymer Equipment Solutions
  • ScreenChangers  - 11 different types, 73 Sizes. Automatic or
  • Screens - for all size and types of screenchangers.
  • Thermal Cleaning  - electric ovens, vacuum, fluid bed
  • Pelletizers
  • Melt Pumps
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