Diesel Fuel Cleaning & Polishing

Dieselcraft "Filter-Less" Purifier Removes 99% of
Free Water and 95% Of Solid Contaminates!  

Diesel fuel being an organic material is inherently unstable. It
naturally forms solids and sludge in the fuel tank bottom. This
causes what is first seen as smoke & soot, clogged filters, and
premature engine shutdown.

The main contributing factor to these problems is WATER, which
naturally accumulates in tanks due to condensation or leaks in the
fill or vents. This provides a perfect environment for microbial
growth, and oxidation, that accelerates the formation of solids.

The Dieselcraft Fuel Polishing systems removes water and sludge
which accumulates in the bottom of fuel storage tanks, while
magnetically reconditioning the fuel for better combustion. .

The Dieselcraft  Fuel Polishing systems are equipped with
"Filter-Less " proprietary Purifier/Separator which remove 99%
of water and solid contaminates. The magnetic non-chemical
Stabilizer reduces agglomerate size which increases the
combustibility of the fuel, and increased filter life.
Dieselcraft Designs & Manufactures
Filter-Less Fuel Purifies For Mobil,
Stationary & On-Board Systems For
Marine, Off - Road Equipment &

Installing A Dieselcraft Fuel Purifier    

* Cleaner Injectors
* Reduced emissions.
* Improved combustion.
* Longer filter life.
* Reduction of Smoke & Soot
* Security in knowing your
engine will perform when
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