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Providing plastic processors with a broad range of polymer equipment  solutions.

Screenchangners. Thermal Cleaning Systems. Melt Pumps. Screens. Pellitizers.

  • Single Filter
  • Continuous-Duel Filter
  • Continuous-Backflush-Duel Filter

Automated. Continuous. Backflush. Reclaim
  • Single Bolt - 2 - Screens
  • Duel Bolt    - 4 - Screens

  • Lever
  • Plunger

Rajhans RJC and RJSC duel channel screenchangers each with its own breaker assembly provide
“CONTINUOUS, UNINTERRUPTED FLOW” which  minimizes pressure variations permitting more consistent and
uniform product…sheet, film, tubing, pipe or profiles.  Since resin is a major cost using a Continuous,
uninterrupted screenchanger may also save on resin usage.

Both the RJC and RJSC have proven to be effective, economical, leak-proof and simple filtration solutions.

Simply stated, the RJC screenchanger requires the manual change of the duel screen packs. The  RJSC is
designed for screen BackFlush of the duel cylindrical screen assemblies. The screens change be changed or
with the RJSC backfushed or changed without shutting down the line.

Both designs are solid one piece, leak-proof construction with the polymer flow divided into two channels,
filtered in two separate assemblies, and the flow combines the separate polymer flown before the melt enters the


We provide two excellent, process-proven Rajhans' Duel Bolt screenchangers.  The RJDPC has two filters on
each bolt and require manual change of blinded filters, while the RJDPC-BF has two filter packs per bolt which
permits back flushing to reduce operator involvement.  

Filter screens support is also extremely critical. We have a relationship with a proven suppler of screens for all
screenhanger models.

Thermal Cleaning Systems.

Rajhans Oven - The Compact Economical Solution.

• Safe, reliable and precise thermal cleaning with no risk of damage to sensitive parts.
• Low coast self monitoring temperature control
• Heavy duty door with wheels for opening and closing
• Short cleaning cycle 10-20-30 minutes
• Inside temperature controllable form  0°C (32°F) to 500°C (932°F)
• Smoke/gas with temperature of  122°F to 140°F blown out from top pipe
• Heaters and blowers interconnected at control panel
Rajhans Plastic Machinery
Located near Mumbi, Rajhans is a family owned business started in
1995 to design and manufacture screenchangers primarily for the
domestic Indian plastics market.

They have evolved into a premier supplier of high quality,
process-proven screenchangers.  Rajhans has a complete in-house
engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities. They also have a
policy and reputation of supporting the screenchangers and melt pump
systems they produce.
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