It’s All About Chemistry.

The Tan Delta oil and fuel quality monitoring systems uses advanced technology to accurately monitor the quality of oil and fuels in
real time. The chemical composition of all oils and fuels change as they wear and/or become contaminated, therefore accurate and
reliable monitoring of the chemical profile of oils and fuels enables a complete, true understanding of their current condition.

All oils and fuels have an optimum standard chemical fingerprint which can be analyzed and profiled. This profile provides a firm
reference point from which deviations can be measured and the associated quality changes determined. Accurate measurement of the
chemical fingerprint of the oil at any given point in time and referencing the deviation from the original gives a very precise view of the
current quality.

The key aspect of measuring the chemical profile of oil or fuels is to look at the overall quality and to not focus on the individual
elements such as oxidation, moisture, and/or contamination. As degradation is effected by a combination of these factors the Tan Delta
patented sensor technology ensures that you get an accurate overall view of the current status of the oil or fuel.

For every type of oil and for each individual application, deviation from the optimal is a critical and necessary measurement in
determining when a change or service is required. Accurate real- time monitoring enables simple trend analysis which is then used to
identify potential problems long before any damage to equipment or reliability compromises occur. The same data is also used in a
predictive manner to forecast when servicing is required, based on the actual condition of the oil and therefore servicing schedules are
set due to need rather than an outdated standard service schedule.

The Sensor Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx)

The patented Oil Quality Sensor is inserted in the oil stream and passes a low voltage electric current through the oil and measures
the conductance and capacitance ratio (patented) to determine the oils electro-chemical make-up and therefor the oils lubricating
quality. As oil is used, polar particles will build up causing the conductance and capacitance ration to change once this valve has fallen
by generally at 30% the oil will no longer perform at an acceptable level.
Patented Oil Quality Sensor - Core Product - is now able to deliver real time oil condition data to the following monitoring
and communications devices.

Express Monitor - Engine Kit - QQS + Express + CADS (Configuration & Data Software) + Data


Advanced Technology
• Patented core technology delivers exceptional sensitivity to oil condition changes caused by both wear and         
• Blue tooth connectivity - Stored data can be easily downloaded and sent wherever needed.
• Configurable Quality Alerts - A configurable traffic light alert system provides a simple visual oil   
quality reference.
•  Data Logger - Continuously logs up to 800,000 records of oil quality data which can be    
downloaded for analysis.


New  GATEWAY 10 OQS  Wifi System.  Monitors up to 10 Oil Quality Sensors

New TD Online Monitoring Service

The large dial is oil condition - life remaining-based on Tan Delta oil quality scale.  In this case, the oil is new. Top left dial
shows oil temperature and right dial shows internal temperature.
The large dial is oil condition - life remaining - based on Tan Delta oil quality scale.  In this case, the oil is new.

Data Analysis - Actual Data
CADS provides you with tools such as trend analysis to maximize the benefits of your oil monitoring data.

CADS - Calibration & Data Software

Mobil Oil Test               
OQD Professional Display and 4 Oil Quality Sensors.  A complete kit
enables quick and simple installation and is ideal for applications that
require multiple sensors.  It includes professional display, 4 Oil Quality
Sensors and all of the necessary cables for configuration and
installation including the robust OQD Professional Hub.
Express System
WiFi Android
Test multiple oil samples in the field or plant.
• Fully Configurable Any oil type, MOT allows accurate
testing of any oil or fuel oil.
• Instant Results. Instant diagnosis of potential issues with
the ability to store trend data.
• Fully Certified. The Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx) is fully
certified to international standards   to    work in the
majority of commercial and industrial applications.
• Robust and Rugged. Housed within a rugged industrial
quality IP67 rated case, ideal for throwing in the back of you
service vehicle and carrying on site.
• All You Need. Everything your engineers need to
undertake instant oil analysis in one place.
  • Flexible Configuration - Enables the simple
    and easy configuration of all Tan Delta
    products to suit any applications with any oil
  • Data Analysis - CADS provides you with tools
    such as trend analysis to maximize the
    benefits of your oil monitoring data.
  • Oil Database - Comprehensive database of
    oil configuration profiles for Oil Quality
    Sensor (OQSx) performance optimization.       
  • Automatic Updates - Any necessary database
The Oil Quality Gateway (OQTg) has been
developed to enable online monitoring and
alerting of up 10 assets. The OQTg offers you
multiple connectivity paths to the TD online
monitoring service….mobile data, WiFi and/or
Ethernet networks.
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