Single Bolt & Manual Screenchangers
RJDCST Cassette Type Automatic Screenchanger.
Throughput range (Kg/Lb/Hr.)  50/110 to 700/1540
Polymers: Majority, plus flexible/soft PVC design
Polymer Filtration and Rajhans Plastic Machinery provides screenchangers - both manual and hydraulic operated
RJP Slide Plate Automated - Single & Twin Screw Extruders.
Throughput range (Kg/Lb/Hr.): 60/130 to 900/1,980
Polymers: Majority, plus flexible/soft PVC and nylon designs. Also
for blow molding operations
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Throughput range (Kg/Lb/Hr): 30/66 -
Special high pressure:  600 BAR /8,700 PSI
Easy, fast screen change