PolyFilter Rajhans RJSC Series -Duel Cylindrical BackFlush
The PolyFilter RJSC Series
  • Duel Cylindrical Screen packs.
  • Screens can be layered for
    optimum filtration up to 5 .
  • Filtration Flexibility.
  • Easy BackFlush operation
    extends life of screens.
  • Excellent for both fine filtration
    < 20 microns to contaminated
  • Streamline flow channels for
    ease of cleaning and no sharp
    angles to restrict flow or entrap
  • Absolutely minimum pressure
  • Cartridge heaters for optimum
    control and quick heat up.
  • PolyExtractors safe and easy
  • Automation available
  • One-piece, leak-proof
  • Pressure & Temperature
  • Minimum operator involvement
  • Option safety screen
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pressure variations-excellent for stand and underwater pelletizing; can also eliminate need for
melt pump.  Leak-proof construction excellent replacement for slide plate.
Technical Specifications:
Operating Temperatures: Standard - 400 F.  High Temperature - 625 F
Pressure:  To 10,000 PSI (700 Bar)
Heater: Cartridge
Standard CBF Items:  PolyExtractors,  1 Extra Filter Assembly, Spare Cartridge Heaters.
Optional:  Adapter Flanges, Heat Shield, Pressure and Temperature Sensors.
Reclaim:  Low to moderate
Throughput (Lbs/hr)  60 to 2,200.  KG  60 to 750
Extruder Size Range:  1.25" to 6"
Polymer :  PE, HDPE, PP, PS, PE, PS, ABS, Nylon.  
1. Close Valve n.1 and n.2.        
2. Using the PolyExtactor after bolts moved,      
withdraw filter assembly and replace filter  
pack and insert; tighten bolts.
Fig 3.  Purge
1. Open valve n.1 and open purge valve "C"
for air venting.  During this process, the filter
assembly will fill with polymer and the polymer
will exit the purge value.
2.  Close Purge Valve and Open Valve n. 2.
Fig 4.   Normal flow and repeat for right side filter  
Valve.  Contaminated polymer will flow out of
Repeat on other side.  Important: All opening and    
closing of positioning valves must be slow so not to
induce a pressure spike.