Rajhans RJC Series
Duel Breaker Plates For Continuous, Un-Interrputed Filtration.
Technical Specifications:
Operating Temperatures: Standard - 400 F.  High Temperature - 625 F.
Pressure:  To 7,000 PSI
Heater: Cartridge
Standard RJC Items:  PolyExtractors, 1 Extra Filter Assembly, Spare Cartridge Heaters.
Optional:  Adapter Flanges, Heat Shield, Pressure and Temperature Sensors.
Reclaim:  Low to moderate
Throughput (Lbs/hr)  130 to 1600.  KG  60 to 750.
Extruder Size Range:  1.5" to 5"
Polymer :  PE, HDPE, PP, PS, PE, PS, ABS, Nylon.  Special:  PVC (flexible) and PC.
The  RJC Series
  • Economical
  • Duel Breaker Plate Filters
  • Change With Extruder running.
  • Compact
  • Easy to Clean – In Place
  • Easy Change of Filter Pack
  • Flow Channels - No Bends
  • PolyExtractor For Safe, Efficient
    Screen Changes
  • Cartridge Heaters
  • Solid, One Piece Construction
  • Minimum Operator Involvement
  • Filtration Flexibility
  • Temperature & Pressure Sensors
  • Optional Safety Screen
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Fig 2 - Time For A Screen Change (Left Side)Without Shutting Down The Line.  
  1. Close Valve n.1 and n. 2.
  2. Using the PolyExtactor after bolts removed,
  3. Withdraw Filter Assembly and replace filter pack and insert; tighten bolts.
Fig 3 - Purge.  Open valve n.1 and open Purge Valve "C" for air venting.  During this process the filter assembly will fill     
with polymer and the polymer will exit the purge valve.  Close Purge Valve and Open Valve n.2.
Fig 4 - Normal flow and repeat for right side Filter Assembly`
Applications: Fiber, Sheet, Film, Blown Film, Compounding, Masterbatch, Tubing - Medical, Small Diameter,
Strand and Underwater pellitizing,
Replace manual and silde-plate screenchangers with the non-leak and stable pressure profile.
May eliminate the need for melt pumps to control pressure variations.